Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer 2012

Summer is fleeting by and we all are busy at our projects.

We had a very small and intimate group in August at our spin.  Linda brought her completed afghan and it was wonderful to see.  She also brought work in progress - a baby blanket - and we have gone to Red Heart's website to download the pattern.  She was knitting it in blue for a soon-to-be-born baby boy.  She continues to be an inspiration for all of us.

Pat brought a floor stand for braiding and demonstrated making a dog leash.  I saw Maggie and Dawn paying very close attention and I imagine that they will soon be making a dog leash of their own!

Maggie was spinning some wonderful black roving (or top - I am not sure which).  Steve was spinning some lovely tan cormo top and then got tired of it and went to spinning some como top that he had dyed earlier in the week.  Wonderful colors - I am anxious to see how the yarn will turn out.  He was complaining that it was too dark, or some such nonsense, but the rest of us thought is was quite wonderful.

And Melinda came - feverishly knitting with her linen, so that she can not feel guilty when she buys more at the Fiber Festival this week.  If I had to spin or knit what I had before I could get any more - well suffice to say, I could save a lot of money.

The food was excellent, as usual.

And now, we are into the first day of workshops at the Festival.  We will be anxious to hear what everyone learned.  I will be there on Friday to see what I can buy.

And Steve continues to lose weight.  He is really doing a great job at it!

Next spin date is September 16!  Hope to see you there.